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Nine recipes to make in just over 10 minutes and eat well and light now that you’re tired of cooking

22 mayo, 2021

As much as we like to cook, after the holidays we are a bit fed up with complicated preparations. But laziness can be our worst enemy, now that we want to resume a diet without excesses: we can be tempted to order fast food or throwing out precooked items, just by not spending time on the stove, and we already know that this is almost synonymous with eating poorly.

11 light recipes to get you ready without getting bored

For all this we propose a series of light, easy and seasonal recipes, to eat well this week after Christmas (roscón by means of) without having to make too much effort.

AÇAÍ BOWL, a healthy, delicious, nutritious and super easy breakfast to make Instafood

1. Fennel, Rocha pear and goat cheese salad

Pear Salad

Well-stocked salads are great on this season as a single dish, but you have to know how to choose seasonal ingredients, now that summer vegetables (logically) are not at their best. This warm fennel, Rocha pear and goat cheese salad, while perfect for a light dinner, will not leave you hungry.

We cut the fennel into six or eight slices approximately half a centimeter thick, either with a mandolin or with a knife. Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and, over medium-high heat, brown the fennel on both sides. It has to be al dente. Meanwhile we toast the pine nuts in a frying pan over medium heat without any oil. We stir from time to time so that they do not burn. Once golden brown, remove from the pan and reserve. Cut the Rocha pear into 8-10 segments, discarding the ends and the seeds. We crumble the goat cheese. Prepare a vinaigrette by mixing the extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, a pinch of salt and a little ground black pepper with a few rods. Cover the base of a serving plate with arugula, place the warm fennel on top, the Rocha pear wedges, the goat cheese and the pine nuts. We water with the dressing and serve immediately.

Complete recipe | Fennel, Rocha pear and goat cheese salad

2. Baked salmon

Salmon Oven

Although fish is present in many Christmas menus, in some houses meat dominates and nothing other than seafood enters the table. Thus this week I want to eat some fish again, and nothing better than a simple baked salmon with vegetables.

  • Ingredients for four people: 1 whole salmon fillet, 2 potatoes, 1 Italian green pepper, 2 chives, 2 tomatoes, white wine, salt and pepper to taste.

  • Elaboration: In a baking dish, place all the sliced ​​vegetables, season and add a little olive oil, a little water and a little white wine. Bake at 190º for 20 minutes until the potatoes are taking color and the rest of the vegetables have been well poached. At that time, we sprinkle well with black pepper and place the seasoned salmon loin on the bed of vegetables. We let the salmon cook for about 10 minutes. Clever.

Complete recipe | Baked salmon

3. Sautéed fresh corn and chicken salad

Corn Salad

This recipe is ideal for take advantage of leftover chicken, although it can also be done with grilled chicken breasts. The ideal, as Liliana Fuchs explains, is to use fresh sautéed corn, but the processing time is reduced to a minimum if we use sweet corn from a can.

  • Ingredients for 2 people: 1 ear of corn or a can of sweet corn, a quarter teaspoon of hot paprika, half a teaspoon of sweet paprika, a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cumin, a quarter of a teaspoon of ground coriander, 1 chicken breast, a lettuce leaf of small oak, 3 pear tomatoes, 30 grams of soft goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt and ground black pepper.

  • Elaboration: If you use a gresca cob you should sauté it in a pan for about 20 minutes and remove the grains. If you use canned corn, you can skip this step. Add the corn to a skillet and sauté it for 10 minutes with the spices. Then mix the corn with the lettuce, the chicken in strips, the finely chopped tomatoes and the goat cheese. Dress with oil and salt and pepper.

Complete recipe | Sauteed fresh corn and chicken salad

4. Sea Bass Donostiarra

Donostiarra sea bass

The seabass is just in season, so it is very cheap in the fishmongers. This recipe does not have any difficulty, beyond watching that the garlic does not burn.

  • Ingredients for 2 people: 2 clean whole sea bass, 4 cloves of garlic (more or less, to taste), 2 dried or fresh chillies, 20 ml of cider or white wine vinegar, fresh parsley, salt, ground black pepper, virgin olive oil extra.

  • Elaboration: Preheat the oven to 200ºC and grease a dish. Heat a little oil in a frying pan or grill and brown the sea bass skin side up, about 3 minutes. Place on the baking sheet upside down, skin side down. Add a little pepper and salt (optional), bake for about 8-10 minutes or until just done. Meanwhile thinly slice the garlic cloves and chop or cut the chilli into rings. Heat about 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the same pan or saucepan and add the garlic. Wait a couple of minutes and add the chilli. Cook over medium-low heat without getting lost. When they are toasted, remove and add the vinegar, shaking the pan. Also add the possible juices that the sea bass will have released, which will now be ready. Serve with the sauce and chopped parsley.

Complete recipe | Sea bass Donostiarra style

5. Catalan spinach

Catalan spinach

This classic of Spanish cuisine is a very simple recipe which combines dried fruits and raisins with raw sautéed green leaves. It is very easy to do and is perfect to take from tupperware to work.

  • Ingredients for 4 people: 500 g of fresh spinach, 50 of pine nuts, 1 clove of garlic, 50 grams of raisins.

  • Elaboration: In a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, sauté the spinach leaves until they lose all the water. It will take about 15 minutes to get them ready, seeing how they lose more than half of their volume in this step. We reserve the spinach and in the same pan, toast the pine nuts. When they begin to take color, we also add the raisins and the finely chopped garlic clove. Sauté for a minute and add the reserved spinach. We mix all the ingredients well by shaking the pan and after one or two more minutes so that everything is very hot, we transfer the contents of the pan to a source and take it to the table immediately.

Complete recipe | Catalonian spinach

6. Grilled swordfish


Swordfish is one of the most popular fish, because it likes everyone and it is prepared very easily on the grill. The only difficulty is to control the cooking so that it is not too dry.

  • Ingredients for 1 person: 1 swordfish fillet, 1 lemon, granulated garlic, dried oregano, dried dill, freshly ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt to taste.

  • Elaboration: Let the fish temper a little, if it is very cold from the fridge. Dry with kitchen paper on both sides and massage with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Add black pepper, granulated garlic, oregano and a little dill to taste. Heat a good griddle or non-stick grill, add a little oil and cook the swordfish at high temperature, just one or two minutes on each side, depending on the thickness. Serve immediately with more herbs if desired, a drizzle of good oil, lemon and a pinch of coarse salt to taste.

Complete recipe | Grilled swordfish


7. Peas with ham

Green peas

Another of these day-to-day recipes that you want to recover after the Christmas binge: light but comforting, ideal for a dinner or light lunch, also to take to work.

  • Ingredients for 4 people: 300 g of peas, 100 g of finely chopped onion, 150 g of serrano ham in cubes, 10 g of wheat flour.

  • Elaboration: We start by cutting the onion very fine. We put it over low heat in a pan with two tablespoons of olive oil. While the onion is poached, we cook the peas. If you use fresh peas, it will be necessary to have them about 8 minutes so that they are perfect. If you use frozen, it will take about 12 minutes of cooking and if you use canned peas, you already have them ready for the next steps. When the onion is transparent and starts to sweat, add the finely chopped Serrano ham and sauté with the onion. Also add a pinch of flour and a ladle of the water from the cooking of the peas. The onion, ham and flour sauce is mixed a little and the well-drained peas are added. The whole is mixed until it forms a uniform body and is served immediately.

Complete recipe | Peas with ham

8. Spinach salad

Spinach salad

Simple until saying enough, but full of flavor and with a slightly spicy, This salad is irresistible as well as simple, and can be adapted to the taste of each one, simply by altering the proposed dressing.

  • Ingredients for 2 people: 200 g of fresh spinach, 100 g of mushrooms, 25 g of almonds (or other dried fruit), 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 15 ml of apple cider vinegar, salt, 2 g of capers, a cayenne pepper, 1 clove of garlic, aromatic herbs to taste (oregano, basil, parsley …)

  • Elaboration: Clean the spinach and clean and cut the mushrooms into slices. For the dressing, we separate the leaves from the stems of all the fresh herbs. We discard the stems and wash the leaves. We dry well and chop them together with the capers. We remove the seeds from the cayenne chilli and crush it with the garlic clove and the mustard seeds to make a paste. We finish the vinaigrette by mixing the oil with the vinegar and seasoning to taste. We add the garlic paste and the herb mince and mix well. Sprinkle with it the spinach and mushrooms, well mixed or in layers, and sprinkle with the almonds, sliced, chopped or in sticks, previously toasted. We serve immediately.

Complete recipe | Spinach and mushroom salad

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