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My Sangria Recipe for Summer

22 mayo, 2021

The sangria. Tips and Recommendations

glass of sangria

The sangria owes its name to its color reminiscent of blood, so it should always be done with red wine. If you make a sangria with white wine, strictly speaking you should not call it sangria or call it white sangria. It is also common to use cava instead of wine, but in that case you have to specify it indicating that it is sangria de cava, which logically will not have the classic color.

Although it is common to add some liquor type brandy, cognac or similar, in the recipe of sangria there is no more alcohol than red wine. When it comes to the quality of the wine, the better the wine, the better the sangria, but don’t go crazy and use a reserve wine either. Just don’t use wine “bully“or tetrabrick, but a wine that we like and is not very expensive.

Regarding the fruit, as Juancho told me in his day, if it does not have peach it is not sangria, although you can also take the ones you like the most. I recommend using summer fruits, always fresh, peaches in syrup or canned pineapples are not worth it. It is convenient that the fruits are hard, such as apple, banana and the like, better than fruits with a lot of water such as pears, etc., but I leave that to your liking.

Another important requirement is the subject of the fruit maceration. If you make the sangria and take it afterwards, the fruit will not have impregnated the wine with aromas nor will it have been macerated in it, so the exchange of flavors between one and the other will not occur. Sangria is a fruity drink, don’t forget it.

But don’t go overboard with the maceration or the fruit will ferment. My advice is that the sangria is made two hours in advance at the time of consumption, and you will see what difference you will find in the taste. If you have it in the fridge for those two hours, then it will not be necessary to add a lot of ice to drink it cold, and thus you will avoid that it can run down.

Another tip, for avoid accumulation of sugar at the bottom of the jar, is to previously prepare a syrup as I explain now when making the recipe or as in the delicious recipe for American lemonade. In any case, it is always served with a wooden spoon inside the jar to prevent the fruit from falling and it will also come in handy to stir from time to time.

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How to make sangria for the summer

sangria step by step

To make this typical summer drink, we started dissolving the sugar in 75 ml of hot water to form a syrup and what will facilitate its dissolution in the wine. In a large container or a large bowl, put the wine and syrup and add the juice of an orange, stirring to mix well.

We are peeling the fruits and cutting them into small pieces, which will facilitate their subsequent maceration. We do that operation with all except for the other orange We do not peel but cut into wedges or half slices. We add all the pieces of fruit to the bowl with the wine and add the juice of a lemon and a cinnamon stick, letting it rest between two and three hours for its maceration.

Once our potion has macerated, it is poured into a transparent jug and the sangria is served accompanied by some ice cubes, garnishing if you like with a long orange peel as garnish.

If you want you can add a carbonated drink type sugary soda or an orange or lemon soda, although it is advisable to add them at the time of serving to preserve their gas and not at the beginning because it slows down the maceration. It is usually served in large glasses or glasses with some fruit that can also be eaten.

With what to accompany the sangria

Even if my sangria recipe for the summer It is not “enriched” with other liqueurs, this drink is sweet and goes very well but do not forget that it has a lot of alcohol. The mixture of alcohol with heat and sun can give you some surprise, so I recommend that you be moderate with the consumption and do it accompanying the drink with some food. Enjoy the summer.

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