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Musaka, the Greek recipe that we like the most

24 mayo, 2021

This recipe is laborious, although none of the phases involved in this preparation have difficulties. We start by cutting the aubergines into slices and put them with a little salt on absorbent paper to collect the water they release and so the aubergines will not have any bitter aftertaste. Then we lightly fry them and reserve them.

On the other hand, we chop the onion and carrot in brunoise and poach them in a pan. When they are soft, add the very chopped tomatoes and let them cook in the pan until they have a good sauce or sauce for the meat. Lightly fry the minced meat in a frying pan, add it to the tomato and vegetable sauce and add the thyme, wine and broth, letting cook for about ten minutes until no trace of liquid remains.

Finally, we make a bechamel sauce with 25 g of flour, 25 g of butter and half a liter of milk, stirring until very thick. With all these preparations, we can begin to assemble the dish and then bake it, as I tell you below.

Musaka Dap

In the usual moussaka recipe that we see in Spain we do not need anything else, but in most traditional moussaka recipes in Greece, a first layer of potatoes cut into slices and lightly fried. This layer is the base for the moussaka. A first layer of aubergines is placed on the potatoes, which are then covered with a layer of meat.

On the layer of meat we put another layer of aubergine slices and we cover again with the lamb meat with the sauce, squashing a little with the back of the spoon so that it is well compact. Finally we cover with béchamel sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and put the dish in the oven where we bake for 20 minutes at 160º and gratin 3 minutes at 220º.

Musaka Dap1

On this occasion, in addition to a platter for 5 servings, I had a few slices of aubergine and a little meat sauce left over so I made another portion in a square plate which was also perfect for the presentation photo.