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Modern Caesar salad, current recipe for this ideal salad as a single dish

24 mayo, 2021

As we explained to you when making the original or authentic Caesar salad recipe, we started making the croutons, for which we spread the garlic clove on a slice of bread, cut it into small cubes and make them in the oven at 180º, allowing time for them to brown. We reserve and let cool. You can make a good amount and store them in a container to use in other dishes such as other salads or in our traditional Andalusian gazpacho.

To do the Caesar dressing or sauce, chop the anchovies and put them in the blender glass, adding the extra virgin olive oil, the lemon juice, the vinegar and an egg yolk. We grind to make an emulsion like when we make homemade mayonnaise. We booked.

For the chicken breast, we use a breast without fillet. Cook it for 5 minutes in salted water and then finish it on the grill or grill, making sure that the lines are well marked on its surface. Then we cut the chicken into slices to be able to distribute them in the salad.

We wash and dry the different kinds of lettuce and arrange them gracefully in a bowl, carefully seasoning them. Then we spread over the Caesar dressing or sauce, the different chicken slices and the croutons, ending with Parmesan flakes.

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With what to accompany the modern or complete Caesar salad

How is modern or complete Caesar salad It comes with the croutons, roast chicken slices, parmesan flakes and our homemade dressing, it is enough to serve as a single dish, especially when making a light dinner. You can accompany it with a simple dessert such as a roasted apple rose that, as you will remember, is a dessert made without sugar.

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