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Mocca Frappuccino. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe.

24 mayo, 2021

We will begin crushing about twelve or fourteen ice cubes or seven if they are the big ones in a mincer and reserving them in a bowl in the freezer while we prepare the rest.

In the glass of a blender we will add the milk, the cream, the soluble coffee, the espresso, the sugar and the cocoa powder. We beat well until all the ingredients are mixed for about a minute We add the crushed ice.

Divide into two glasses, sprinkling cocoa powder. We serve immediately Well, this drink must be enjoyed very cold.

mocca frappuccino

With what to accompany the mocca frappuccino “Starbucks style”

It is now possible to enjoy a delicious mocca frappuccino “Starbucks style” in our home, which will make our afternoons and summer afternoons much more bearable. If you do not have a mincer, you can always crush the ice inside a frozen bag by beating it to make pieces with a hammer or a meat mallet, because it does not matter that it is not small and too crushed.