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Mixology: know the art of mixing drinks

27 mayo, 2021

The mixology is here to stay. This cocktail technique not only delights the palate, but also each of your senses, with its fascinating combination of flavors, aromas and textures.

To talk about it, we interviewed Carlos Cuellar, mixologist and specialist in bars, restaurants and distillate development. Be captivated by this fascinating world!

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Mixology: beyond a cocktail

Carlos Cuellar

Carlos Cuéllar (Photo: Courtesy)

What is mixology?

It is a term that emerged recently. For me, it is the upgrade that gave the cocktail bar. One of the things that happened to the new generation of bartenders It was getting closer to cooking techniques. That is, a balance of flavor is sought through a more elaborate technique.

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How can you differentiate a “normal” cocktail from one made with the mixology technique?

You are going to realize why, nowadays we have places called cocktail bars, specially designed for tasting cocktails. Unlike restaurants, which have cocktails on their menus, but not of the same level.

In Mexico we are fortunate to have 3 of the 50 best bars in the world, where you can enjoy these drinks: Limantour, Xaman and Fifty Mils.

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Is Mexico doing innovative things when it comes to mixology?

Our country is at the forefront and at the level of any country in Europe. We have a competitive advantage as Mexicans, thanks to the variety of fruit flavors and cultures in each state.

Mixologists from other countries come here and they are surprised at the variety and potential we have in the field of mixology.

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There are places specialized in mixology so you can try these drinks. (Photo: Getty Images)

As a mixologist, what ingredients do you consider top to prepare drinks?

There are too many. Ginger and cardamom are all the rage right now. But I think that beyond the flavors, it is the creativity with which your mind works to balance a cocktail.

On The Ultimate Mixologist They will have the opportunity to discover the world behind the bar and the bartenders: not only the ingredients, but the techniques to give flavor and balance to a cocktail.

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So, what is the correspondence of gastronomy with cocktails; that is, the relationship, drink-dish?

The role of the cocktail bar had long been a complement to the kitchen. Today, globally, there are already bars where cuisine takes a back seat.

Mixology is a complex technique that makes cocktails a “haute cuisine” in drinks and where these are the main “dish”.

A cocktail must have all the organoleptic factors: the aroma, the sight, the taste in the mouth … with all this complexity, a well-executed cocktail must have.

To learn more about the world of mixology, follow Carlos Cuéllar on Barra57 Móvil

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