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Microwave fried green peppers. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

24 mayo, 2021

Wash well but gently the peppers, ensuring that there are no damaged specimens. Drain and dry carefully; nothing happens if there is some moisture left, but they do not leak.

Place the peppers in a microwave-safe container. If we do not have any specific utensil, it will help us any suitable dish or source, which allows the appliance tray to turn but without overcrowding the peppers.

Add the olive oil -we can add more, but if the idea is to cut calories it is not necessary- and stir. Add a couple of generous pinches of salt and stir again so that it is well distributed.

Cover with a microwave lid and place in the appliance. Cook at maximum power for three minutes. Take care and stir. Reheat at full power 4 more minutes. Check the point and repeat in 1 minute intervals if necessary.

Drain the water that they have been able to release and serve in a source, with more coarse salt to taste and, if desired, a string of good extra virgin olive oil. If we do not have a microwave lid, we can cover the plate with plastic wrap and pierce it with a fork.

Microwave peppers.  Steps

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With what to accompany the green peppers in the microwave

By themselves they are already a good tapa to share in the weekend snack; We are not going to deny that they feel great with a good beer, but they can just as well be enjoyed with water or a soda without sugar. They pair very well with salted fish, roasted nuts or pickles, such as simple quality olives.

The microwave fried green peppers They are also an excellent garnish for meat and fish, and are delicious to top with eggs or a plate of crumbs.