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Microwave Brownie in Five Minutes, Easy, Simple and Delicious Cooking Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

We take a glob of butter and spread the mold with it. Sprinkle with a little flour all over the surface and sides, shaking it so that it spreads well. We melt the butter in the microwave at low temperature so it does not splash. We let it temper.

In a deep bowl we mix the eggs with the sugar, without having to beat. Add the vanilla essence and a pinch of salt and stir to integrate. We add the melted butter and integrate. Finally we add the flour and cocoa. We gently stir until obtain a dense and homogeneous dough. If we are going to use walnuts, we add them now. If not, we continue with the dough as it is.

Step By Step Brownie In Microwave

We pour the dough into the mold and spread it over the surface, using the back of a spoon. We put the mold in the microwave and program two and a half minutes at maximum power. We let rest the dough for 30 seconds before scheduling two and a half more minutes. Remove the mold from the microwave and let it cool down before cutting and serving.

As you will have seen in the step-by-step photos, we have baked the brownie in a round mold. Also, for more INRI, is a quiche mold. Of all those we have on hand, it is the only one microwave safe mold. We were so eager to try this recipe and share it with you that we got carried away. May the brownie Taliban forgive us.

One of the characteristics of the brownie is precisely its square shape. For it a square or rectangular mold is needed with a suitable size that allows it to rotate freely in the microwave. Any of these models, made of silicone, borosilicate glass and ceramic, meet the requirements to be able to make a brownie in the microwave as required by the canons.