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Mezcal, the other Mexican drink

22 mayo, 2021

In recent years, the mezcal It has been discovered by the international public thanks to its commercialization in bars and restaurants mainly. Today you can find it in specialized stores in the sale of alcohol and surely in some prestigious supermarkets. This is, without a doubt, a drink with such a particular flavor that it will not leave you indifferent. Like tequila, mezcal is a agave distillate that comes from a plant of the agavaceae family whose growth is abundant in Mexico.

A decade ago mezcal was a liquor little known outside of some areas of Mexico. It was not widely consumed or considered a product of prestige or interest. Its reputation was basically bad and it was regarded as an alcohol for workers and peasants. Mezcal was originally a distillate that was given to ** miners ** as part of their employment benefits. Alcohol surely gave them more courage and greater resistance in the face of the arduous and thankless tasks of the mines. Today all this has changed, and mezcal has become a fashionable drink that is finally recognized for its qualities as organic product and handmade.

Differences with tequila

Mezcal 2

For many, tequila and mezcal are similar because they are products that come from the same plant: the agave. However, there are several differences both in the way of extraction from the heart of the plant and in the process of making the liquor. Furthermore, while tequila is produced exclusively from blue agave, mezcal can come from dozens of different sub species of agave.

Appellation of origin

Mezcal has obtained a few years ago a designation of origin that makes it unique, since this distillate can only be produced in eight Mexican states: Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Durango, San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas. The Appellation of origin del mezcal is a bit confusing for foreign consumers since it covers several areas of Mexico that are not necessarily close or bordering.

The types of mezcal

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Like tequila, mezcal is classified into three large families that depend on the age of the same. The youngest is the white mezcal Meanwhile he restful It has a maturation time of at least two months in the barrel. Finally the mezcal old It must be aged in the barrel for a minimum of six months. The quality of each mezcal also depends on the plant, the soil and other factors specific to its individual production.

An organic product

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Unlike tequila, mezcal is a totally handmade product which is produced in small quantities by men and women who are involved in field work. The production of agaves dedicated to the production of agave they don’t use fertilizers while mezcal does not contain any other ingredients nor conservative.

The best way to take it

Because of its unique flavor, mezcal can be a bit difficult for certain palates. Some people take it with just a few Orange segments, while others prefer to integrate it into a cocktail that could enhance its flavor. In one way or another, the experience of drinking mezcal is a journey with a very particular flavor that will not leave you indifferent.

Images | Mezcal Regulatory Council
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