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Mexican spicy tofu tostadas. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

Remove the tofu from the container, drain the liquid, wrap in kitchen paper and leave with a weight on it for about 15 minutes. Cut and crumble by pressing with a fork. Chop the red onion and reserve a portion for serving. Chop the pepper without the seeds and the celery, very finely.

Heat a little olive oil in a good frying pan and cook the onion with the pepper and celery, season and sauté for about 4 minutes. Add the tofu and stir well. Add the granulated garlic, cumin and cayenne to taste. Add the chopped chilies and part of the marinade, but be careful that it is very spicy. Stir well.

Cook the whole for a couple of minutes, add the sauce and wine and bring to a boil. Lower the heat, cover and cook for 12-15 minutes. It shouldn’t be too runny but it shouldn’t be too dry. Taste and correct for salt if necessary.

Before serving, cook the tortillas with a little oil on another griddle, or in the oven, if we have it on. Chop parsley or coriander, chop the avocado and serve the crispy tortillas with the filling and the other ingredients to taste.

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Is spicy tofu mexican tostadas recipe It is enough to share between two people, although depending on the size of the tortillas and how generous we are with the filling, more or less units may come out. We can do more and save what is left to take in burritos, fajitas, salad or sandwiches.

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