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Mexican kitchen utensils found in every home

25 mayo, 2021

Our gastronomy, in addition to being defined by its recipes full of flavor, aromas and colors, is also unique for the mexican kitchen utensils found in each of our homes.

Many of these utensils are of pre-Hispanic origin, and others are more modern. Be that as it may, they are quite a tradition. Here we invite you to meet them.

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Care and cleaning of utensils

  • To get the best performance from these Mexican cookware, consider the following:
  • Cleaning: wash them with soap and water. Avoid metallic fibers.
  • Caution: store clay instruments in places out of the reach of children.
  • Storage: keep metates and molcajetes in low areas, as they are heavy and when removed they can cause an accident in the kitchen.
  • Efficiency: use a plastic bag to prepare the tortillas in the press to make it more practical to use.
  • Replacement: If you notice that they are chipping or rusting, it is time to replace them.

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