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Meet the delicious dogo, the Sonoran hot dog!

24 mayo, 2021

Sonora has a delicious gastronomic secret that today we want to reveal to you: it is called bulldog And it is more than a hot dog: although its origin is American, the seasoning that makes it up is Sonoran.

What makes it so special? Read on and discover why it has been included in the list of the 100 best dishes in the world.

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What you should know about the bulldog

The popularity of the dogo is due to the innovative process with which the “hotdogueros” create this dish and the ingredients with which it is prepared: a giant beef sausage, chopped bacon, chorizo, beans, mayonnaise, onion, avocado and jalapeño blended to make a sauce like no other.

The special bread for hot dogs is usually replaced by rolls to be able to use all the ingredients mentioned in its preparation.

In Ciudad Obregón, the process to prepare it is something that really draws attention: the bread, after being soaked by the steam, starts to brown on the grill. Subsequently, inside the bread, the Chihuahua cheese and the sausage are introduced, thus creating a new recipe: the quesidogo.

That’s right: the dogo, in addition to being an innovative recipe, also has other delicious versions, such as the chiledogo, the dogomomia or the pregnant dogo.

The versions of the bulldogs are also due to the region in which they are prepared. As we mentioned, these originated in the United States and in cities like New York, they are prepared with other ingredients and dressings such as sauerkraut.


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Curiosities you should know about hot dogs

  • In Washington there is the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.
  • Not only in the street carts, the hot dog has been the protagonist in many artistic manifestations. Even Led Zeppelin have a song called Hot Dog.
  • The City of Los Angeles, California, holds the record for the highest consumption of hot dogs – its residents eat more than 95 million hot dogs a year!
  • In Chicago, only kids put ketchup on their hot dog.
  • The largest hot dog in the world registered in the Guinness book of records was made in Mexico, which measured 76.23 meters.

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