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Medicinal properties of jacarandas that you should know

26 mayo, 2021

With each spring, the jacaranda trees that, with their beautiful purple tones, adorn our streets and cause a sweet shower of petals that makes us feel good.

Yes, we all would like to have a jacaranda tree in front of our homes. But beyond its beauty, you should know that its flowers have medicinal properties. Today we invite you to know them so that you can take advantage of them.

EyeBefore trying this or any other natural remedy, remember that it is very important to consult a doctor, as it could be toxic.

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Medicinal properties of jacarandas

Jacaranda tea

Read on and learn how to make jacaranda tea. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • It is an excellent sudorific that helps expel toxins and stimulates the immune system through perspiration; that is to say, it acts and has effects similar to that of ginger.
  • It also helps to relieve inflammations on the skin.
  • It has diuretic and diaphoretic properties that help detoxify the blood.
  • In addition, its antiseptic properties are ideal for the external treatment of acne, varicose veins, sores and superficial wounds.
  • Jacaranda leaves, mixed with mint, form an ideal infusion to treat amoebas.

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How to make a jacaranda tea

Now that you know its benefits, we invite you to prepare a very easy and quick tea to prepare. Follow the step by step:

You need:

  • 30 g of leaves
  • 1 liter of water

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  1. Heat the water until it boils and add the flowers.
  2. Leave on heat for 10 minutes and turn off. Let it rest and take it hot. $
  3. We recommend taking it at night.

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