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Maria cookie ice cream, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

Heat in a saucepan over medium heat under the cream, sugar and honey. Meanwhile, we crush the cookies and we add the milk, reserving a little to mix with the egg yolks. When the cream is warm and the sugar has dissolved, pour in the biscuit and milk mixture.

We stir so that everything is well combined. Besides, we unite the yolks with the milk that we have reserved and pour them into the saucepan. From this moment on without stopping to stir, cook until the cream thickens lightly being very careful not to stick or come to a boil.

We move on to a jug and we cool for a few hours. We can assemble the ice cream either with an ice cream maker or by hand. If we do it by hand, we must stir the ice cream every half hour so that ice crystals do not form. If we make the ice cream with a machine, we pass the cream to the ice cream maker until it mounts. We store the ice cream in a box for a couple more hours so that it has the desired consistency.

Maria cookie ice cream.  Step by step recipe

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With what to accompany the Maria cookie ice cream

The Maria cookie ice cream It is perfect if you are one of the people who love these cookies. The flavor is subtle but pronounced enough that as soon as you taste it, the breakfasts of your childhood come to mind. Combined with vanilla ice cream it is a delight, try it.