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Maracaibo: the brushed

25 mayo, 2021

Last January, in a couple of posts, I told you about some typical foods that you should not stop trying if you visit the city of Maracaibo. Well, to finish, the visit will not be complete if at least you do not enjoy a refreshing fruit brush.

And it is that to shovel the inclement heat of the beloved city of the sun, nothing better than a brushing or ice cream, a kind of granita that they sell in many local marabinos and traveling carts. You will find them from natural fruit juices, milk or soft drinks (kolita).

The brushings, which in other parts of Venezuela are also called scraped, owe their name to the fact that in the past they were literally made by brushing an ice panela with a metal brush to obtain hail. And although in many other places in the world similar preparations can be found in Maracaibo because of the climate, they are more than appropriate as well as delicious.


If you want to try the most traditional brushing in the city, you should go to The popular Jesús Ríos, a place where the inhabitants and visitors of Maracaibo have gone to refresh themselves with their wonderful brushing since 1930.

When I was in January, I had one of sapote, an American fruit very similar to kaki or rosewood, it was delicious and super refreshing, I was also able to try the rum with raisins and I was looking forward to the next one of parchita (passion fruit). There are many flavors to choose from, including pineapple, medlar, strawberry, blackberry, soursop, milk, and colita, to name a few.

The popular Jesús Ríos is located on 7A avenue with 89E street, in the El Empedrado neighborhood.

And if you choose to try a mobile cart shaving, although the variety of flavors is probably scarcer, chances are that they can add a touch of condensed milk if they wish.

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