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Mamajuana, how to prepare this Dominican drink

24 mayo, 2021

One of the souvenirs that we have brought from the Dominican Republic is one of the most famous drinks in the country, it is the Mamajuana. All kinds of properties are provided to this drink, increase sexual vigor, prevention against some diseases, etc. As they explained to us, one of the components is an herb classified as an aphrodisiac, Petiveria Alliacea, although online we can find that it is also a powerful antitumor.

What is certain is that its flavor is genuine and depending on the hand that has prepared it, it becomes an intense, tasty and ideal drink to drink after coffee.

The bottle that you see in the photo is full of some spices, roots and pieces of wood originating from the vegetation of the country. As they explained to us, first it is necessary to put a few tablespoons of honey in the bottle, depending on how you want the sweetness of the final concoction, you will add more or less (a minimum of three tablespoons).

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Then it is filled with rum and left to marinate for a week, the roots, the wood, all of which will absorb part of the rum. The bottle is then emptied eliminating the excess rum and refilled again with a good rum mixed with wine, only rum, only wine or any liquor that we want and finally let it rest for a few days before starting to enjoy this comforting drink.

As they say, vitamin R cannot be lacking, although we hope not to get hooked. Have you tried the Mamajuana?