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Make a sushi donut step by step!

28 mayo, 2021

This recipe is for lovers of sushi! If you want to try it in an original and delicious way, you cannot miss this step by step to make a sushi donut. It will look amazing on you!

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Japanese food and its benefits

Japanese gastronomy is one of the most famous oriental cuisines in the world for its basic ingredients: rice, seafood, vegetables and soy in different presentations.

Although they include chicken and red meat in their cuisine, the quantity is minimal: it is said that it is because during the introduction of Buddhism to the country, the imperial laws prohibited their consumption and the inhabitants got used to it.

In the 15th century, soybean products such as sauce, miso, and tofu appeared. The latter, low in calories, helps lower blood cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin E and isoflavones, a very powerful antioxidant to prevent various types of cancer.

The advantage of tofu is that it can be consumed in various ways: roasted with vegetables, in soup, in creams or even in liquid presentations to make smoothies and desserts.

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