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Mafalda, Quino’s “daughter” who hates soup and loves pancakes

24 mayo, 2021

It was on September 29, 1964 when Mafalda He came to the world at the hands of the Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, known universally as “Quino”, who died on September 30, 2020 at the age of 88.

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Mafalda: “Why soup again ?!”

At the age of 18, Quino published his first cartoon in Buenos Aires, but it was not until he was 30 that Mafalda was born from the stroke of his pencil, the girl who hates soup, conceived on request for an advertisement for electrical appliances in 1963.

But just as he hated that dish and made an angry face every time his mother served him, pancakes are his favorite dessert.

The character of Mafalda is rebellious, a contested girl like any other young child, but who also invites us to reflect, “to philosophize” about the small aspects of life as small as having to eat soup because it’s healthy. In the words of the famous writer Umberto Eco:

“Mafalda harshly criticized injustice, war, nuclear weapons, racism, absurd adult conventions and, of course, the soup.” (“Mafaldina”, 1994).

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Mafalda and Quino

(Photo: Getty Images)

But why his hatred of soup? Perhaps it is because it is one of the dishes that we hate the most as children. It is even part of a daily cliché of many moms: “finish the soup or don’t go out to play.”

Mafalda, being a girl who went against social and family conventions, saw an imposition in the soup, one of those rules that we do not know who invented, but they are already part of our daily lives.

Quino and his Mafalda taught us to rebel against great things with small acts. And as his character would say:

Soup in summer! Who can make soup in the summer? To nobody! Only you can think of making soup in summer!

And as his mother would say:

Am I not original?

Here are some of the most delicious fall soups that Mafalda would surely have accepted.

And of course, a good closing for a girl like Mafalda would be with her beloved pancakes. Here are some delicious ideas:

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