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Madrid-style tripe. Traditional recipe

22 mayo, 2021

Madrid-style tripe is normally made using various types of offal meat. Thus, among its ingredients we find beef tripe, leg and nose. In the offal we can order a kilo of tripe indicating that we want that weight distributed among the three ingredients. We clean the corns well and cut them into square pieces of approximately 2×2 cm, so that after cooking they can be bite-size.

Once clean, we put them to cook with a bay leaf and a good handful of salt, also adding the bacon or ham or ham meat and the spices for tripe. We let the corns grow during 4 hours in a traditional saucepan or 45 minutes if you use a speed cooker. Once they are cooked, we drain them and reserve the cooking water, which will be thick and loaded with gelatin.

When there is an hour to finish the traditional cooking, we add the chorizo ​​and the blood sausage, which we will have semi-cooked separately. By integrating them now, letting them finish with the other ingredients we will prevent the blood sausage from bursting or the recipe from being too loaded with the fat of the chorizo.

We prepare a sauce by poaching two cloves of garlic with the finely chopped onion and a chilli so that the tripe has a spicy point. Then we add a tablespoon of tomato sauce, the cooked tripe, the chopped chorizo ​​and black pudding. We are also gradually incorporating the cooking broth. Finished letting the whole boil for 20 minutes until creamy and to a desired texture.

Tripe Madrilena Steps