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Madrid stew recipe

22 mayo, 2021

The night before we will soak some good Castilian chickpeas on the eve of the stew. Trick: We will also put a handful of coarse salt so that the next day they do not get stuck in the cooking. We will start by cooking, starting from cold water, the meats, the ham tip and the indicated bones. Key code: Throughout the cooking, from beginning to end, we will remove the foam that forms with a slotted spoon. We will also add water as it evaporates so that our stew does not stay dry.

We will have the stew fire continuously at medium power. When the water starts to boil, add the chickpeas, previously drained and washed. As soon as the water boils again, they will take between two and three hours to be tender, done over low heat or about 20 minutes in the case of a quick cooker. Recommendation: put the chickpeas in a mesh to be able to remove them easily at the end of cooking and thus be able to serve the stew in the three traditional turns.

In a separate pot, we put the cabbage to cook, and in another saucepan, we cook sausages and black pudding, so that they do not fill our broth with fat. When the stew is practically done, add the potatoes and the peeled carrots to the stew of the Madrid stew.

At the end of the process, we remove the meats and serve them in a source to which we add chorizo ​​and black pudding. Sauté the cabbage and put it in a bowl with the chickpeas, potatoes and carrots. To make the soup, Strain the broth and add the noodles when the broth begins to boil, two or three minutes being necessary for the fine noodles type cabellín.

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