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Lunar calendar for the care of your plants

26 mayo, 2021

Have you already heard that the moon has an influence on the growth of plants? You may think that it is only popular beliefs, but the truth is that the Moon’s calendar has a physical influence on the environment.

The lunar cycles are a kind of guide for the world of agriculture, not only to measure germination periods, but also because their light influences the vegetation, which promotes its development as well as photosynthesis.

Although its light intensity is low, it has an important influence on the photoperiod that regulates the biological functions of plants, such as stimulating the production of a protein that acts as a receptor of light and that keeps the plant sap in movement in the same way that happens during the day.

So that you can make the most of the qualities of the moon in your plants, we share this lunar calendar with you so that you know when you can plant and take care of your garden.

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Lunar calendar to sow and care for your plants

Full moon: good time to transplant or harvest

Lemon plant

In this cycle of the lunar calendar, it is in your best interest to harvest. (Photo: Getty Images)

It is when the moon emits the greatest amount of light possible and the plants have a greater mobilization of sap and water.

This is a good time to compost, transplant, and also harvest. You can also eradicate weeds.

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Last quarter lunar calendar, root phase

Sow celery

(Photo: Getty Images)

When the moon begins to wane, the intensity of the light also begins to decrease, which has an impact on the development of the roots.

If you have a vegetable garden, this is the best stage to plant and collect root crops like carrots.

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New moon, the moment of stagnation


(Photo: Getty Images)

Since the moon is not present, the photoperiod is not altered. The sap is not in motion, which is translated as a rest in the plants.

However, you can dedicate yourself in this moon phase to cleaning your plants, removing dead leaves or litter and even fighting pests.

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Moon calendar in a crescent, to prepare the garden

Prepare vegetable garden

Follow the lunar calendar and prepare your garden. (Photo: Getty Images)

The light, in a discreet way, affects the foliage and the roots in equal parts, so you can take advantage of this phase to prepare seedlings in your garden.

It is also an ideal time to fertilize, as the plants are more receptive to absorb nutrients.

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