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Litchi or Lychee, exotic fruit with health benefits

22 mayo, 2021

Also called Lychee, Leechee or Lichee, is the fruit of a tree of Chinese origin, although it only develops favorably in subtropical regions. Today there are large plantations in China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Burma, the Philippines.

The lychee tree is short and attractive, about ten to twelve meters high, with a low-branched trunk that has a dark brown bark and a rounded crown. This tree is very showy when in full bloom in February.

In May the average temperature is between fifteen and twenty degrees, and you can get up to two and a half tons of lychee per hectare, or forty kilograms per tree. The short production season contributes to its sale. During May, June and July fresh lychees are sold, which is why its price is so high. Few varieties are grown worldwide. The main varieties of lychees are: Brewster, Tcheng City and Mauritius.

They are not usually found fresh Due to its short season, but in any supermarket you can find them packed in syrup, even canned juices. It is generally consumed as fresh fruit in salads and fruit salad, but for some time it has also been included in recipes for desserts since it is very sweet, exotic, reminiscent of grapes and with a certain aroma of roses.

Litchi is a fruit that provides a large amount of carbohydrates but is especially appreciated for its amount of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

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The fruit is widely accepted due to its sweetness, fine consistency and exotic appearance. If left at room temperature, your skin becomes dry and darker. They keep perfectly in the refrigerator for about two weeks, although freezing is the best way to preserve this fruit, since it allows it to be preserved for a year.

In China, honey obtained from lychee flowers is highly valued. It is also used in medicine, ingested in moderate amounts, eliminates coughs, relieves sore throats and has a beneficial effect on glandular and tumor problems.

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