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Learn to cook faster with these useful tips

24 mayo, 2021

It is normal that we feel that the kitchen robs us of time with everything that needs to be done in this space (from cleaning, cooking and even arranging purchases). And we all wish cook faster to make the day last longer.

That is why we share these tips with you so that you save time and can cook without complications and save valuable minutes to do other tasks or simply rest.

Take notes and save valuable time in the kitchen!

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Cook faster: useful tips to achieve it

Know the recipe you are going to prepare

Feeding Habits

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Many of the delays we have in the kitchen is because we are missing an ingredient or a utensil.

Do not trust yourself and give yourself a few minutes to study the recipe you are going to prepare, so you will not have setbacks trying to get what you need.

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To cook faster, chop everything in advance


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You can make the habit of having the ingredients that you are going to use ready, such as chopping vegetables or cutting cold meats.

In the case of vegetables, there are foods that you can leave the skin on and not waste time peeling them. Plus, they have nutrients too!

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Marinade and season the meat with time

marinate with alcoholic drinks

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No matter what animal protein it is, you have to marinate it for at least 15 minutes before putting it on the fire. If your cut is stringy, leave it a little longer,

You should also season it in advance so that the inside takes on the flavor and there are no tasteless parts.

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How to heat pans

low oil frying technique

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From the moment you put them on the stove, heat them over high heat and lower it when you go to put the butter or oil. You will not only save time, but gas.

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Cover the pot for faster cooking

tips to have brighter pots

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When making a sauce or soup, do not forget to cover the pot, so it will take less time to cook. Of course, you will have to watch it so that it does not overflow. Let the steam escape from time to time so that this does not happen.

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Take care of the edge of your knives

benefits of chayotes

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To avoid spending time cutting food, nothing like a good sharp knife. Keep a professional sharpening stone or sharpener handy and sharpen them every now and then.

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