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Learn how to prepare some traditional basket tacos

25 mayo, 2021

We know your addiction from basket tacos. And we also love this Mexican invention that gets us out of trouble when we walk down the street.

But so that you also satisfy your craving when you are at home, we tell you how to prepare the most delicious tacos de canasta, tastier than those of the man on the bike that is on the corner.

basket tacos

Our heart beats with excitement when we see these delicious tacos on our way, deny it!

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Origin of these delicious tacos

The cradle of the basket tacos is in the State of Tlaxcala; more precisely, in the municipality of San Vicente, where, by the way, the “Feria del Taco de San Vicente Xiloxochintla” is held every year, on the first Sunday in December.

The oldest taco in the town, Marcial Balderas, was one of the initiators who started selling these tacos riding a basket full of this delicious appetizer on his bike.

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Approximately 80% of the families in this town live off the basket taco business, so you can give yourself a great treat if you visit the region.

basket tacos

What are the basket tacos that you always order?

How to form the tacos

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan and lightly fry the tortillas (give them a “pasadita”) and put them on a plate.
  2. Divide the stews between the tortillas (one tablespoon) and fold them to form the tacos.
  3. Quickly, arrange them in the basket to prevent them from getting cold, cover them with brown paper, put a plastic wrap and thick jargon on top to keep the heat and “sweat” the tacos.

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Assemble the basket

Line the inside with a clean flannel, preferably new, put three sheets of brown paper on top, then place a plastic so that it covers everything inside the basket and place another three sheets of brown paper on it.

basket tacos

The basket tacos, ideal to get out of trouble when you’re hungry.

Tips to make them more delicious

  • All casseroles should be dry to prevent the tortillas from soaking and the tacos from falling apart.
  • To give them more flavor, add a layer of glazed onion every 5 tacos.

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Stew recipes for your basket tacos

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