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Learn about the history of Italian gelato

29 mayo, 2021

Although there are ice creams all over the world, nothing compares to it gelato original from Italy and we help you get to know it to the fullest.

Read on and travel to Italy with us to learn all about one of the most popular desserts in the world.

History of gelato

The origin of this handmade product is older than you can imagine, it dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt, a time when different cultures began to search for techniques to preserve food for longer.

According to historians, the ancient Romans brought ice and snow from the mountains, placed them in vessels covered with straw and buried them to maintain their temperature, to later serve them in large banquets.

With the Renaissance, Italian cities experienced their maximum splendor and noble families became interested in the world of gastronomy, particularly in a kind of cold cream, created from milk, cream and eggs. It is said that, around the year 1565, the Florentine artist Bernardo Buontalenti was the one who invented the gelato we know when he presented Catherine de Medici with his innovative refrigeration techniques, which were later carried throughout Europe.

The popularity of this Italian product really reached the whole world between 1920 and 1930, when the first ice cream cart was created in the city of Varese, since then it has represented Italian gastronomy, in such a way that if you go there and do not try one It’s like you didn’t go

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Gelato characteristics

  • Unlike ice cream, it has a lower fat and air content.
  • The term gelato comes from the Latin gelatus, which means frozen.
  • It only uses natural ingredients, it has no added aromas and flavors.
  • It has a stabilizing base of milk, cream and fresh ingredients.
  • It is creamier with a smooth texture and intense flavor.
  • The best recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are secret.
  • It is made from milk, while regular ice cream also has cream.
  • To prepare it you have to beat it gently and at a slower speed.
  • It is served much colder.
  • Contains less sugar.

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