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Learn about skim milk and the benefits it brings you

25 mayo, 2021

The world of dairy is huge and that can confuse you. Join us to discover the benefits and characteristics of skim milk.

Milk is one of the most complete and fundamental foods for a healthy diet, it provides fat, protein, calcium and vitamins. The dairy industry increasingly provides more products dedicated to meeting the needs of each person. Today we invite you to learn more about this food.

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What is skim milk?

The big difference between skim milk and whole milk is basically that the first, as its name says, goes through a process of eliminating fat. Also called skimmed, it is much lighter and it shows in its consistency and flavor.

Many people think that because of the different flavor and lightness it has, it is not as nutritious as the whole, but they are wrong.

Skim milk preserves all the proteins, nutrients and calcium of whole milk, although it loses fat-soluble vitamins such as A and D, most manufacturers add nutrients in its production, so it is recommended for people who are watching their weight and in adulthood as it facilitates its degradation.

The good news is that currently you can also find semi-skimmed milk, which is eliminated about half of the cream / fat it contains. For this reason, both milks are the perfect option for people who are looking to lose weight or on a strict calorie control diet, in addition to those who are at risk or have high cholesterol levels, of course.

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Skim milk is great for low calorie diets.


  • They remove more than 80% of the cream.
  • Provides less than 0.5% fat.
  • Contains 107 calories per 100 ml.

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Benefits of drinking skim milk

  1. It is suitable for all stages of life, it can be taken by children, youth and adults alike.
  2. Helps to lose weight easily.
  3. The body digests it easily.
  4. Keeps cholesterol levels under control.
  5. Cut down on fat.
  6. It provides the same energy as whole milk and helps you carry out your activities.
  7. Strengthens bones and improves their development.
  8. It is ideal for people who suffer from high cholesterol, are overweight or obese.
  9. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Skim milk retains most of the natural nutrients in whole milk.

Difference between skim and lactose-free milk

It is common to confuse these two products and even think that they are the same, but they are not, while skimmed milk does not have fat and calories, lactose-free milk is one from which the natural milk sugar is partially or totally eliminated and although it has fewer calories than whole, provides more than skim.

However, skim milk is not recommended for people who are lactose intolerant, but it can help those with a disease or intestinal irritation, as determined by the doctor.

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