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Lamb stew recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We start by seasoning the meat and frying it in extra virgin olive oil until its exterior is well browned. Then we remove the lamb slices and in the same oil in which we have fried the meat We prepare a sauce with the onion and the very chopped pepper.

When the onion is transparent and the pepper has changed color, add the aromatic sprigs, the bay leaf and a bunch of chopped parsley, to which we add a little paprika and after leaving it for a minute we mix it later with the other ingredients.

We then incorporate the tomato very chopped and without seeds and stir with the rest of the ingredients, letting it cook slowly until there is no liquid left. At that time, we return the lamb slices to the casserole, add the wine and let the alcohol evaporate, stirring for a minute.

We already cover the stew with the broth and let it is done over low heat for about 35-40 minutes, until the lamb meat is very tender and the aroma of this traditional stew fills the house. If we are going to make a garnish, it is time to prepare it so that it is ready when we serve our stew.


Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

With what to accompany the lamb stew

Is lamb stew recipe It should be taken in individual clay pots that enhance its traditional presentation. The best accompaniment to this dish is a glass of local wine and bread with a good crumb to enjoy the sauce, although some potatoes with garlic would never be rejected by the diners.

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