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Know the benefits of burning cinnamon in your home

28 mayo, 2021

Surely you already know all the benefits of cinnamon tea and how it helps your body. However, you have to know what is cinnamon for for your kitchen and your whole home in general.

Did you know that burning it is an excellent air freshener and flavoring agent for every corner of your house? And not only that, its aroma has several benefits that you will surely want to enjoy.

Take notes and discover how to get the most out of cinnamon.

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What is cinnamon for in your kitchen and home?

What is cinnamon for?

What is cinnamon for: discover why you should burn a little at home. (Photo: Getty Images)

Improves concentration

The aroma of cinnamon has stimulating properties that help combat mental fatigue and improve concentration. We recommend you burn a few slices at a time of reading or study, or when you do not know what to cook and you need to concentrate on the kitchen.

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What is cinnamon for: clean the environment

If the air in your house is very stale (due to environmental pollution, smoke or bad smells) you can burn some cinnamon and place it in different points.

Ideal when the bathroom or kitchen smells musty! You can also put some in wardrobes and cupboards, as long as the crack is not on and only releases smoke.

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Repel insects

In this hot season it is very common for flies, mosquitoes and even cockroaches to get into the house. Burn cinnamon and place it near windows and doors,

Be careful: you should burn it during the day because, as it is a stimulating aroma, it could take away your sleep.

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What is cinnamon for: start your day with its aroma

This invigorating scent also serves to energize you. Before you go to bathe, burn a little and leave the cracks while you bathe. Its aroma will mix with the steam from the bathroom and will revitalize you.

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Improve appetite

Did you wake up without hunger? Remember that breakfast is vital to start the day, so you can’t go without eating!

Burn some cinnamon sticks and you will see how your body asks you for breakfast. Ideal for children with no appetites!

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