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Ideas for using flooring in your home decoration

25 mayo, 2021

Take advantage of the time at home and give your home a new look with these ideas to be decking. You will love them and you will save a lot.

Wooden pallets or pallets are elements that have become very popular in recent years in the world of home decoration. Thanks to the fact that they are a very easy-to-use, inexpensive and versatile material, it allows you to create different designs and furniture to renovate your home, while saving money and helping the environment by following the eco-friendly trend.


  • Coffee table: For a small table you only need to place two in a stack and a piece of glass to use as a surface, you can add a wheels to make it movable.
  • Shelves: It is very simple, you need one or two pallets, fix them on the wall with the help of a hammer and drill and use the edges to place whatever you want, from plants, books and even bottles.
  • Sofa and armchairs: Build your own game using the platforms as a base and placing cushions on them. Make sure to stick it to a wall so that it has more support, you can also use the holes in the bases to store books or objects.
platform armchair

Armchair made with platforms. Photo: Getty Images

  • Bedroom: Join the decking to form a cute rustic bed base, you can also stack some on the wall to make a headboard that makes a complete set.
  • Gardening: They are perfect for forming your own home garden and distributing the pots in your garden. You can place them on the ground, one on top of the other, or fix them to the wall for a hanging garden.
  • Countertop or bar: Put a pair together, place them vertically, and then use a piece of wood or glass to form the surface.
  • Swing: Give a special touch to the garden, just tie a couple of ropes at each end of the pallet and fix it to a good support.

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  • Apply a fungicide to eliminate mold or bacteria that the wood may have.
  • Sand the deck well to remove splinters.
  • Check that all the nails are good, if there are any chips, hammer to have a uniform surface.
  • Varnish the wood with a paintbrush.
  • You can also paint them to give it the color that best matches your home,
  • Before painting, apply a coat of white primer.

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