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How to take care of a Christmas Eve correctly?

22 mayo, 2021

If you are one of those who waits for the Christmas season to decorate your house with at least one beautiful good night You will love these tips to take care of it and make it last longer.

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What is Christmas Eve?

Poinsettia is the typical flower of the Christmas season and although it is currently known throughout the world, it is originally from Mexico, mainly from the Taxco region, Guerrero. In pre-Hispanic times it was known as cuetlaxóchitl which means “flower that withers” or “flower with resistant petals like leather.”

Ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs, used it mainly as an offering in sacrificial rituals since its red color represented blood and life itself.

With the arrival of the Spanish, it began to become popular, it is said that Fray Bernardino de Sahagún was the first to use it as a decoration for the holidays since he noticed that it was more abundant during autumn and winter. Over time it became international and now it is one of the most popular Christmas symbols in the world.

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It is recommended to place them on a balcony or near a window where it does not get direct sun.

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  • When it is mature and has flowers it does not require fertilizers so you should not add any.
  • It requires daily light, but it should not be given directly, so a well-lit place will suffice.
  • It is recommended to water it moderately, every time the earth has completely absorbed the water, use your finger to touch the earth.
  • The earth must be humid but never totally wet, so as not to flood it.
  • If it is indoors, it needs less watering than if you have it outdoors.
  • When watering, avoid wetting the red leaves, as this can cause staining.
  • Avoid placing it in very humid places, as they can be susceptible to fungus.
  • If the leaves turn yellow or the branches bend, you may lack light or have too much water.
  • After the Christmas season, it is best to prune it the first days of the year.
  • To prune you should only cut 2cm in front of the growth.
  • In February and March it is recommended to prune again to have more suckers.
  • It must be paid from February to March and from October to November.
  • Avoid drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

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The yellow center is actually the poinsettia flower and the rest are actually red leaves.


  1. In Mexico there are about 20 varieties
  2. Although the best known is red, there are yellow, purple, pink, white, striped and marbled.
  3. Actually the flowers are the yellow shoots in the center, the rest are just red colored leaves.
  4. The states with the highest production in Mexico are Morelos, Michoacán, Puebla and Jalisco.
  5. In other countries it is known as a poinsettia, parrot, poinsettia or shepherdess.
  6. In a pot its maximum height is usually 50 cm.

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