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How to sanitize strawberries to perfection

26 mayo, 2021

Strawberries are one of the most spoiled fruits in the kitchen. Its characteristic flavor allows you to use it in countless recipes. So that your whole family can enjoy them we tell you how to sanitize strawberries to perfection.

For you to continue adding it to your daily diet, it is important that you apply this series of tips that we share with you, which will help you disinfect the strawberries very well, in this way everyone at home can enjoy them alone, with yogurt, smoothie or a salad.

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How to disinfect strawberries to perfection?

1. Wash your hands. It is super important that your hands are very clean and free of germs.
two. Select and wash the strawberries you are going to use with water.
3. Subsequently, to perfectly disinfect the strawberries, immerse them in a liter of water and add three drops of bleach for 10 minutes. Make use of your timer.
Four. If you don’t have chlorine at home, put them in a container with water and add a tablespoon of salt; then put them in the microwave for a minute on high heat and let it rest.
5. Attention! It is very important that you DO NOT detach the stem of the strawberries before having disinfected them, in this way you will prevent the possible germs it contains from contaminating the inside of the fruit.

How to choose strawberries

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How to choose good strawberries

  • Remember to take advantage of the strawberry season. In Mexico you usually find it in the markets between December and April, mainly. However, from this season you can find very good strawberries. We give you the tips to choose the best ones:
  • An important key that many do not take into account is the aroma of strawberries. This should be intense and well marked. If their aroma is subtle, they may have been cultivated with chemical agents.
  • Its color should be intense and somewhat bright. Avoid those that are of a very dark tone, as they tend to paint them to make them “more attractive.” Do not choose the ones with green parts either, as they are not quite ripe.
  • You may think that the biggest strawberries are the best, but what you don’t know is that some are injected to give them more volume. Choose ones that are medium in size, not too big or too small.
  • Don’t buy strawberries without leaves! These help the fruit to be preserved for a longer time. Look for those with the greenest leaves.
  • To choose the sweetest ones, the best indication is to see their seeds: if they are far apart and deep in the meat, it is the sign of the strawberry that has a sweet taste.

Now, to prepare your favorite desserts with strawberries!

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