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How to reuse tea bags in your home and garden

26 mayo, 2021

Did you know that, after enjoying a delicious hot drink, you can put a very useful use to the tea bags? These are used for many things in your home and also in your garden!

Read on and get the information before you throw the next tea bag in the trash,

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Reuse tea bags with these practical tips

To feed your plants

tea bags

Give your plants a little extra with tea bags. (Photo: Getty Images)

These still have nutrients that work like great compost for your plants. In addition, they prevent the formation of fungi, fertilize the soil, function as compost and keep insects and pests away.

You can place the sachets directly on the ground if you don’t have a metal staple. If not, you can empty the contents and stir it with the soil.

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Tea bags to reduce inflammation of the eyes

Eye tea bags

Tea bags for the eyes. (Photo: Getty Images)

Black, chamomile or green tea is ideal to give your eyes a break.

When they are cold, place them over your closed eyes and let them rest for a maximum of 20 minutes. The tannins in the tea will help reduce puffiness and relieve eyestrain.

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They absorb bad odors

Dried tea bags

Dried tea bags (Photo: Getty Images)

Let the bags dry completely and place them in dry or closed spaces where bad odors are generated.

They work perfect in the refrigerator, drawers, the bathroom, inside shoes and even in the cat’s litter box.

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To degrease the dishes use tea bags

Grease on frets

(Photo: Getty Images)

Use several bags by placing them in hot water. Subsequently, submerge the utensils and plates along with the bags. You will see that it is easier to remove the stuck fat!

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Relieve gum pain

Gum tea bags

(Photo: Getty Images)

Do you want to reduce inflammation of your gums? Let 2 used black tea bags cool and place on the affected area for 15 minutes. You will see that the pain disappears. It is an ideal remedy for people with orthodontic treatment.

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To tenderize the meat

Tenderize the meat

(Photo: Getty Images)

The tannins in tea are also an excellent meat tenderizer. Marinate the meat in a black tea and you will get a much more tender meat.

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Tea bags for the bathtub


In your bathtub you can not miss some tea bags. (Photo: Getty Images)

Make your skin get all the antioxidants in tea with this simple trick: use the used bags in the water of the bath tub or hang them in the shower.

In addition, it will be an excellent aromatherapy to relax you.

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