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How to recycle the offering materials?

24 mayo, 2021

As year after year we put our effort to place and decorate the offering, it is time to have to pick it up. This obviously causes garbage to accumulate more than usual. But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Today we share some good tips to recycle the materials of the offering without causing so much waste. Take note and apply them.

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How to recycle the offering materials



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This is very difficult to reuse for later offerings. since it gets dirty easily mixing with dirt or dust, but it does not mean that you cannot give it a second use.

To reuse it, sweep it up the best you can and put it in the pots or planters at home. The soil of the plants assimilates it perfectly without damaging them and works as fertilizer, retaining moisture.

It is also ideal for collecting your pets’ waste. You just have to place a little on your stool to avoid bad smells.

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Bread of the dead of the offering

Origin of the bread of the dead

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It is true that some food of the offering, such as fruits, can be eaten without problem after removing it, but the bread of the dead can hardly be eaten after being exposed to the elements for several days.

In order not to throw it away, you can remove the parts with sugar, moisten it a little and use it as food for birds in a park.

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Sugar skulls


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These are perfect to reuse a year later, if no one wants to eat them. Of course, they have to be sugar and not amaranth or chocolate, as these are easier to melt, fall apart or spoil.

To preserve them. wrap them carefully and separately in plastic bags and then put them in a cardboard box. You will see that they will keep very well for the following year.

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Flowers in the offering

Flowers for the day of the dead

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Whatever they are, they work as an excellent compost for plants even when they are wilted.

Cut them into pieces as much as you can and, preferably, strip the flowers. With the residue you can compost or simply place it on the ground.

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4 elements of life

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The most ecological option is to buy those that come without a glass wrapped in paper or alone. If it comes with a glass cup, you can reuse them to drink water.

To remove the wax residue, heat some warm water and add a dash of dish soap. Let it soak overnight and then wash it off.

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