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How to properly freeze your food?

25 mayo, 2021

Learn to freeze properly so that your food lasts much longer and does not lose its flavor or nutrients. Keep reading and discover the step by step to achieve it.


  • Meat. Before freezing it you have to clean it very well, remove bones and fat. Wrap chunks of meat with servings for one to two servings of food; Store them in sealed bags or plastic wrap and mark the date it was frozen.
  • Vegetables. We suggest that you do not freeze the vegetables that you buy fresh, but, if necessary, it is best to clean and disinfect them to eliminate bacteria.
  • Fish. Before freezing it is essential to clean it well, peel it, remove the interior, as well as the head. Later, wrap it in aluminum foil or film and now you can save it.
  • Eggs. This is a food that should not be frozen either but, in case you need to do so, we recommend you star it and place it in a container with a lid or cover it with plastic wrap. If you put them in the freezer with the shell, the only thing you will cause is that they break.

Remember not to freeze the food again once you thaw it as this can cause it to become contaminated or lose properties.

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