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How to preserve wine correctly at home?

24 mayo, 2021

The season to buy drinks for the holidays and toasts is approaching. Before purchasing your bottles, discover how to preserve wine properly so that it does not lose its flavor and consistency.

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How to preserve wine: practical advice

Bottle position

Types of wine

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It is important that you keep the bottles in a horizontal position so that the wine is in permanent contact with the cork, this will keep it moistened and improve its tightness.

Be very careful: this does not apply to sparkling wines, as these deteriorate the cork and sacrifice the quality of the carbon dioxide.

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How to keep wine at the right temperature

White wine

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The place where you put your bottles should have a relatively stable temperature. Sudden changes in temperature can cause variations in the diameter of the bottle neck, due to the contraction or expansion of the glass.

In addition, variations in the volume of the wine can cause liquid losses through the cork.

The temperature should be low and the humidity relatively high (between 6 and 18 ° C) and the humidity should be between 60 and 80%, approximately that of a basement. Of course, it has to be ventilated.

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Be careful with noises, smells and light

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Noise can cause vibrations that can alter the consistency of the wine, and strong odors can also contaminate it, such as smoke.

And whether solar or artificial, your wines must be sheltered from wines (that’s why many of these are in darkened glass bottles).

Keep your wines away from these factors.

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