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How to preserve and grow your sunflowers

25 mayo, 2021

Flowers are the best way to give life to your home and that is why we share the best tips for growing and conserving sunflowers.

Sunflowers are one of the most popular plants in the world for their unique appearance, thanks to their yellow tone they are able to illuminate and give life to practically any space. They are very resistant and easy to grow, they usually bloom during the summer or early autumn, they are characterized by their robust and strong stem that can reach up to 3 meters in height, so to grow in a home garden we recommend opting for a small species.

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How to sow sunflowers?

  1. Choose dwarf sunflower seeds.
  2. Find small containers to hold the seeds.
  3. Sow the seeds and leave a space of between 10-13 cm between each one and take care that they are at least 1.3 cm deep in the ground.
  4. Water once a day or every other day, ensuring that the soil remains moist.
  5. After 8 to 10 days the sprouts will start to emerge.
  6. When the sprouts measure around 5 cm, transplant them to your garden or a large pot.
  7. Take care that they are separated by at least 15 cm.
  8. Look for them to get a good amount of sun.
  9. Keep the soil moist and free of weeds, to protect them from insects you can use nets.

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We recommend placing the sunflowers alone in a vase to make them look more.

How to care for sunflower flowers?

  • Cut 2 cm from each stem diagonally.
  • Remove any excess leaves from the stem to prevent them from coming into contact with the water in the vase.
  • Place your flowers in a glass vase preferably, with water at room temperature.
  • Add a sachet of flower nutrient.
  • Change the water regularly, because this species requires a lot of water.
  • Place the vase in a place with light but not in direct contact with the sun.

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Some curiosities about sunflowers

  • When the flowers reach maturity, they stop rotating and remain fixed facing east.
  • They are of American origin, and their seeds were a staple food for native tribes, as were corn, beans, and squash.
  • There are not only yellows: there are variants of their color and you can find them in orange, brown or reddish tones.
  • Their size and shape also vary, there are even a single row of petals or several.
  • In Greek mythology, it is the symbol of the sun and love. It is said that the nymph Clitia fell in love with the god Helios, but he did not reciprocate her love. Then Clitia died of love and became a beautiful sunflower, who always follows her loved one.

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