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How to prepare pastry flour at home

22 mayo, 2021

I do not know if it has ever happened to you that you were engulfed in the kitchen, many times, I start preparing a cake and wow! When I read the ingredients, I am missing pastry flour and also, in general, it is usually Sunday and with all the stores closed. Now I am no longer concerned, because I have a way to solve this problem at home, and this is preparing my own pastry flour. Today I am going to explain how to do it in a very simple way for those times when we do not have the commercial.

The pastry flour is a low protein flour, with a content of around 8%, high amount of starch and is normally bleached or chlorinated. This gives it a much lighter white color than all-purpose flour and a much finer texture. That is why this type of flour is recommended to be sifted several times, before adding it to the cake, to prevent lumps from forming.

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This flour, as its name suggests, is used mainly for cakes, cookies, and products to be baked. Its low protein content makes it develop more crumbs and gives us a sponge or cake with a much softer and fluffier texture, but it should not be used for breads or sourdoughs with baker’s yeast, as it is not strong enough.

Pastry flour

To prepare it, you must follow some very simple steps that would start by measuring the flour that you are going to need for your recipe. This amount in total is distributed in groups of 120 grams, each of these groups we remove two tablespoons that we return to our container of all-purpose flour, and these two tablespoons are replaced by two tablespoons of refined cornmeal.

Pastry flour

The next step would be to mix well, sifting the flour mixture about four or five times so that they are aired and incorporated one with another. Now you can use this flour for your cakes and biscuits as a substitute, for a moment of trouble, for pastry flour.

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