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How to prepare icing sugar at home

24 mayo, 2021

Probably if you like pastries, you will have found on some occasion a recipe where they use icing sugar and just at that moment you do not have it. Both for these cases and for the domestic economy, since the commercial has a high price, I want to show you how to prepare icing sugar at home.

This type of sugar is known in other countries by different names: powdered sugar, powdered sugar, powdered sugar, neva sugar… But all of them call what we know here as icing sugar, which is nothing more than white sugar ground very very fine and mixed with cornstarch, a natural anti-caking agent.

The commercial ratio is that by each 97 g of powdered sugar, 3 g are starchYou can see it in any container, so we will follow this measure to prepare it at home. You can help yourself with a machine that you have such as Thermomix or similar, although personally I like the result the most is by mincing the sugar with a coffee grinder.

How to prepare icing sugar at home step by step

To do it You must weigh the amount with the proportion that I indicate of sugar and starch, mix it well and grind it very very finely, as much as possible. Next, to aerate it, to make it even finer and not overly caked, we sift it a couple of times and keep it in tightly closed glass jars away from moisture.

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Recipes with icing sugar

Now that you know prepare homemade powdered sugar You have no excuse if you find yourself one day without him. Remember that icing sugar sweetens almost twice as much as granulated sugar, a fact to take into account if you want to exchange one for the other in a recipe.

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