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How to make white rice so it is loose and tasty

22 mayo, 2021

To prepare this garnish, it is essential to control the cooking point of the rice, so that the grains are well cooked without overcooking, and at the same time, they are well loose. To make this task easier for you, today we show you how to make white rice, the definitive recipe for the most popular garnish.

With the White rice Something similar happens to other cooking recipes and there are different ways to prepare it, all of them correct and valid.

It can be cooked in an uncovered saucepan, in a covered saucepan, with the measured water or with plenty of water and then draining or even with a rice cooker. Even in the microwave or in a pressure cooker.

Now we explain a simple way That does not fail, although as we say, white rice can also be made in other ways.

The first thing is wash the rice, to avoid that the grains have an excess of starch that will make us stickier. By doing this, we will be able to cook the rice in water, and not in a starchy and thick water that it would prevent us from getting a loose white rice.

While we wash the rice, changing the water several times, put a saucepan with plenty of water and salt on the fire and bring it to a boil. When the water is already boiling, we add the rice and We stir well so that it does not remain at the bottom. When the water boils again, we stir again to well separate some grains from others.

Let it cook for approximately 15 minutes Without covering the saucepan, -the exact time will depend on the type of rice, the hardness of the water or the altitude- since with the previous washing you will not need to reach the traditional 20 minutes. We test and remove if it is to our liking. Next, we put the rice in a colander and drain it, and We cool it slightly to cut off the residual heat, leaving it under the tap one minute.

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With what to accompany the loose white rice and at its point

The white rice with the grains very loose and at its cooking point It is a wonderful garnish and can also be the base of other preparations such as rice salads, vegetables stuffed with rice, dishes such as Cuban rice and many other preparations.

To serve hot, we can lightly sauté it with a little olive oil or butter in a frying pan, just when we are going to use it.

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