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How to make the best bacon shrimp in 3 easy steps

25 mayo, 2021

Who says no to some rich shrimp with bacon? Undoubtedly, it is the ideal snack to pamper the palate on the weekend, enjoy it accompanied by a rich salad, as a skewer, in a hamburger, or whatever else you want!

If you are also dying to prepare this delicious combination, we share in 3 easy steps how to prepare the best shrimp with bacon. Aim well for you to try them!

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Shrimp with bacon in 3 easy steps

You need:

  • 10 pieces of large shrimp
  • Stripped bacon (as needed)


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Whats Next? Give your shrimp with bacon the plus

Since you’ve learned how to wrap them, it’s time to give them your personal touch so you can use them in your favorite recipe:

  1. Fry a little garlic in a pan with sesame oil, remove when it begins to brown.
  2. Place the bacon wrapped shrimp on a tray and bake at 180 ° C for 25 minutes, season with salt and pepper. You can serve with your favorite guacamole and garnish with parsley leaves, if you want to enjoy them alone.

Tip: go ahead and try them in the form of a skewer. If you don’t have an oven available, they are also delicious prepared on the grill. Just be careful that the shrimp are not directly on the fire to avoid overcooking.

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