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How to make tamarind sauce. Simple recipe

22 mayo, 2021

The first operation is to remove the pulp from the tamarind pods. When removing the shell, the seeds (a kind of balls) are joined by a few strands or yarn to discard. Then, we open each of the fruits and remove the seeds that are inside. In the first images of the collage you can see these operations.

We put the tamarind pulp once free of seeds in a saucepan and let them soak for a few minutes, better in warm water to soften it. Then, we light the fire and we stir to undo the pulp, taking care that it does not stick to us. Add sugar and a little vinegar and continue stirring with the spoon.

There are several possibilities with this sauce, to personalize it or adapt it to the dish that you intend to cook with it. If you are going to give a spicy touch to the intense natural flavor and with some acid from the tamarind, you can add peppers or chilies and a dash of lemon. It is also common to add a little fried tomato, or a little cornstarch dissolved in cold water, to give the sauce body and texture.

If it is to be used in Asian cuisine dishesYou can add a tablespoon or two of soy sauce, which will flavor the tamarind sauce and give it an oriental touch. You can also add finely chopped citronella or lemongrass, or 1/2 clove of garlic if you want to include this ingredient.

Tamarind Salsa2

To finish the recipe, we crush all the ingredients with the mixer and pass the resulting sauce through a strainer to remove the remains or lumps that may have remained, adding water if necessary if it is too thick. We already have it ready for future preparations.

With what to use and accompany the tamarind sauce

The Tamarind sauce that we have just seen is excellent to use as a condiment in vegetable purees, adding a dessert teaspoon to each dish when serving, and also to dress salads, or to season meat, chicken and fish dishes such as stewed pork tenderloin with sauce tamarind that is a delicacy.

Directly to the Palate | Pork tenderloin with tamarind sauce
Directly to the Palate | Pork sirloin with the aroma of basil