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How to make tamales: know the best tips to prepare them

25 mayo, 2021

If it is the first time that you are going to prepare them, you have to know how to make tamales from the hand of chef Mariana Orozco, who shares with us the best tips to make you look like a professional.

Take note and make the most delicious tamales!

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How to make tamales: professional tips

What is the ideal size for tamales?

How to make sweet tamales with nuts

More than the size, the important thing about tamales is the proportion of dough and filling. This should be 50-50.
Ideally, they should be thin so they cook faster. Of course, there are so many types that it also depends on the place and the type you prepare, because they are all different.

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How should they be cooked?

How to cook tamales

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The great cooking rule is steaming. It is very important to respect the times and have patience for them to cook.

Tamales are full of traditions and beliefs, and one of the things that happens during cooking is that the tamales don’t come out if you feel desperate for them to finish cooking.

Believe it or not, the mood also has a lot to do with it: there are many experiences of people who make this dish sad or angry, and tamales do not cook well.

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And if I don’t have a steamer, how do I make tamales?

You can put one together. The important thing is to create the steam environment. You can put a pot with a rack that fits in the bottom of the pot, and the tamales on top of it. It can also be in an espresso pot or in a conventional steamer where it is steamed.

The important thing is that a grate isolates the tamales from direct contact with the water, and prevents them from getting wet, sticky and rubbery.

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How do you know if the water in the steamer has run out?

Nayarit style shrimp tamales

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You can put a small coin in the water, and it will move and stick in the pot. When it stops being heard, the steamer is out of water. It is a very good alarm to prevent burning.

Besides corn and banana leaves, what other ingredient can we wrap them with?

How healthy is a tamale cake?

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It can be with avocado leaf, holy leaf, acuyo or momo. It can also be made with maguey leaf, totomoxtle can even be wrapped with aluminum foil.

The leaf is more important than you imagine, because it not only wraps, but also adds flavor to the tamale and also different textures.

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Do you recommend any spices for the dough?

Tamale ingredients

Tamale ingredients

It depends a lot on the recipe. Something you should know is that the best spice for the dough is the correct amount of salt.

When you have a preparation that consists of filling and dough, it is important that both are perfectly seasoned so that the tamale does not remain tasteless.

Something very practical is to use in the dough the broth that you used to make the filling: if it is chicken, use the broth that you used in the cooking, the same if you are going to use a pork meat filling, use that same broth to season the mass.

The important thing is to be consistent with the ingredients of the filling that you are going to use.

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