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How to make spaghetti carbonara better than in any restaurant

24 mayo, 2021

As we already told you when we gave you the recipe for the authentic carbonara sauce, don’t ever think of liquid cream, bacon or mushrooms when you want to make this dish. That is what we could call a fake carbonara.

Today we will teach you how to make spaghetti carbonara better than in any restaurant, so that you can master this dish with some of the tricks to make it perfect for you.

Authentic carbonara is a humble recipe that is made with very few ingredients, to flavor spaghetti. He really only wears the guanciale -the meat of the pork jowl-, the pecorino cheese and fresh eggs. With that alone, you can make this delicious pasta sauce, seasoned with a few turns of the black pepper mill and a little more grated cheese on top.

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Do not use bacon or smoked bacon to make this recipe. Look for the real thing guanciale Italian, made with pork dewlap and if not, use a good fresh bacon, removing skin. Cut it into small pieces and fry these pieces until they start to brown.

On the other hand beat the 3 egg yolks with the egg and the freshly grated pecorino cheese until a somewhat thick mixture. Add a few hints of black pepper to this mixture. Meanwhile, put the pasta to cook in plenty of salted water, and take it out when there are a couple of minutes until it is al dente.

In the pan where we had reserved the bacon or the guanciale Sautéed, we will add the drained pasta to which we add the mixture of eggs, cheese and pepper, mixing well. We also add a ladle of pasta cooking water.

We stir while the different ingredients are integrated and a kind of sauce is made to the lightly curdle the egg with the hot cooking broth. Serve by sprinkling a little more grated pecorino and giving a couple more turns of ground pepper.

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With what to accompany the spaghetti carbonara

Now that you know how to make spaghetti carbonara better than any restaurant You just need to think about the accompaniment. In Italy it is customary to serve some dishes such as aubergines with cheese, or salads, before serving the pasta, which should be served just as long as it is, so that it does not go overboard and is just right.

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