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How to make sour cream or sour cream. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

22 mayo, 2021

The packaged sour cream consists of cream that has been fermented by the addition of lactic acid-producing bacteria. It usually has a fat percentage around 18% -25%, although there are different consistencies. The American is usually thicker than the European, and has similar equivalents in other countries, such as the German Schmand. The French crème fraîche, although similar, is a different product.

This is the recipe faster and easier to prepare sour cream, ideal to use as an ingredient. It can also be made with kefir, probiotic cultures, buttermilk, or yogurt, but they take longer.

We can use liquid cream for cooking or whipping cream, with or without lactose. The higher the proportion of fat, the thicker the cream will be, that’s why I recommend using a whipping cream. Then we can lower it with a little milk or whey, if necessary.

Put the cream in a container, add the lemon juice and mix with a spoon or a few rods. Cover and let stand for half an hour in a warm place. When it has thickened, add the pinch of salt and mix well.

We can also speed up the process by beating with some energy with the rods; If the fat content is high, it will thicken very quickly, without the need to beat as much as if we were mounting whites.

Sour Cream Steps

With what to accompany the sour cream or sour cream

We must forget that we associate “sour” with something bad, sour cream, cream or sour cream it has a very interesting flavor to accompany roasted potatoes or vegetables, topping soups and creams, preparing a dressing or filling sandwiches. Just add a few fresh herbs or spices and adjust the salt or pepper to taste.

I prepare it above all to use in baking. Although it can be substituted for yogurt, as I have already mentioned, the truth is that provides a distinct flavor and texture. This bundt cake, for example, I prepared again using sour cream as a substitute for dairy and it came out delicious. It can also be used in recipes that call for crème fraîche, or even mascarpone cheese, if we let it thicken too much.

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