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How to make seed bombs to sow at home

25 mayo, 2021

Have you already heard of the sowing method Fukuoka? This consists of doing seed bombss; that is, small balls of soil that are ideal for sowing in small spaces.

This technique, studied by the Japanese biologist and farmer Masanobu Fukuoka who, following the agricultural tradition of his family, investigated the composition of the soil in relation to its vegetation, calling them nendo dango (i.e. seed bombs).

Today we share with you how to make seed bombs to sow in your home and that your plants and garden enjoy its benefits. Take note!

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Seed pumps (Fukuoka technique) step by step

How to make Fukuoka seed bombs

How to Make Fukuoka Seed Bombs (Photo: Getty Images)

You need

  • 5 cups dry powdered clay
  • 3 cups compote (hummus)
  • 1 cup of mixture of different seeds (can be radish, clover, birdseed)
  • Water
  • 2 large trays

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  1. Combine all the ingredients in one of the trays until you create a homogeneous mixture (it should not be too liquid so that you can form the balls).
  2. One by one, go forming the pumps, they should not be very large (they should be the size of the cavity of your hand).
  3. Once the balls are formed, go placing them on the other tray and leave them in the sun until they dry and harden.
  4. When they are ready, you can place them in different spaces. Be careful: the seed bombs go on the surface of the earth, not buried. You can put them in pots, crevices, planters or in a green area.

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Benefits of seed pumps

  • These help to purify and oxygenate the earth thanks to its components (clay, for example, is rich in iron, which also benefits nature).
  • It is a very easy way to sow and an activity that children and adults can do.
  • The Fukuoka method is used around the world to combat drought and deforestation.
  • By sowing seed bombs you do your bit to help the environment, because you can place them in parks and different green areas inside and outside the home.

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