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How to make pickle

22 mayo, 2021

After some well-deserved Holy Week parties we get back to our cooking course. We were trying home preserves, or what is the same cooking methods that help us preserve our food for longer. Today’s chapter, how to pickle.

The pickle is a traditionally Spanish conservation method. And no, it is not only for fish, mostly from the river. We can also pickle both minor and major game pieces. It consists of introducing these pieces in a prepared preparation based on vinegar, oil, salt and spices.

The truth is that there are many pickled recipes, but the proportion of the main elements is two parts of oil, one of vinegar and one of white wine plus the spices that we have chosen. Usually we will use salt, sugar, bay leaf, peppercorns and a few cloves of garlic.

Making our pickle

We cook the previous preparation over low heat. First we lightly brown the garlic in the oil. At the end we would add another type of spices, for example paprika, onion, carrot, etc. And we would let poach slightly.

Pickled steps

Next we add the vinegar and the white wine and let it cook, together with the genus (as long as we do it hot) for about 20 minutes, all over low heat. If not, we would let it cool and add it to the cold fabric as well.

Steps of pickle (II)

Things to keep in mind

  • We must always pickle a product that we have previously cooked. In general, I always prefer to do it grilled. If it is a product, such as tuna, that tends to flake or separate, it is best to flour it first.
  • If we have left the product cool, when we add the pickle it must also be cold, otherwise it could ferment.
  • And if we have the hot product, the marinade must also be hot and they must also boil together.
  • Boiling should not be excessive, since we run the risk of the vinegar and white wine evaporating, so we would lose the preservative properties of the pickle.
  • And we must always remove the garlic and the vegetables that we have added to season once the pickle is made, they could ferment.

How long can I have a pickle?

A homemade pickle can be kept for Several months in the fridge. Of course, we must always sterilize the marinade before. As I explained in the previous chapter, we must introduce the fabric in a hermetically sealed bottle and fill with liquid to the top. We leave this to cook, covered with water for about 20 minutes.

Pickled recipes Direct to the Palate

I hope you find it useful to know how to make a marinade. I love the intense flavors that are obtained.

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