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How to make perfect pancakes

24 mayo, 2021

Family breakfasts are the best … and the perfect opportunity to pamper them and show off in the family. Prepare something classic and learn with us how to make perfect pancakes. Take note of the step by step!

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Step by Step


Pancakes are known worldwide, and their preparation and ingredients depend a lot on the region or country. However, it is said that the first to make them as we know them were the Russians, who began to make flatbreads. The story tells that they were prepared as a symbol of worship to the sun.

Later, these became famous throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, but it was not until the 18th century, in the United States, that they took the name of hotcakes.

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Some curiosities about hot cakes

In the United States, it is a tradition to accompany pancakes with bacon, egg and a sausage (as you saw it in the cartoons).

And if you thought it was a somewhat strange combination, in China they mix the flour of the pancakes with finely chopped chives (in fact they are known as “chive bread”).

According to a historical version, pizza could have arisen from pancakes: Marco Polo, after his expedition in Asia, asked a Neapolitan chef to recreate the recipe for chive bread, but when he tried, the result was a much more elaborate bread . And we appreciate the attempt!

Now that you know how to make the most delicious pancakes, we invite you to know other very useful tips, only in Easy Kitchen