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How to make mascarpone cheese at home

23 mayo, 2021

A few days ago a comment came to the recipe for poached fruits with mascarpone and cookies, in which they asked what type of cheese is mascarpone and the brand that could be found in the Mexican market.

Instead of responding to the comment, explaining that it is a type of creamy cheese, of Italian origin, that is used to make the popular tiramisu and that, regretting it, I had no idea what brands are marketed in the country, I decided Make Mascarpone Cheese at Home, document the steps and explain it. So anyone who has difficulties to find this type of cheese, thinks that the one sold in supermarkets is too expensive or simply wants to, can do it in a very simple way.

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500 grams of whipping cream, 30 ml of lemon juice

How to make mascarpone cheese

The cream that we must get is the one with the highest amount of fat, normally whipping cream usually has 31% fat, this should be the minimum, if we are lucky enough to find it with more fat, better than better. We will leave it out of the refrigerator, so that when we start working with it it is not cold.

As initial preparations, we take a large strainer, which we can place, and let it rest on a bowl. The strainer we line it with gauze to get it to filter only liquid. I have used an envelope of sterile gauze from the pharmacy.

In a bowl we pour all the cream, add the lemon juice and beat. We must beat until the cream thickens, in fact it thickens little by little, until suddenly it seems that it solidifies, leaving a cut appearance, on the one hand lumps and on the other water.

Mascarpone cheese

At that moment we pour into the strainer, squeeze a little to help loosen the liquid, cover with gauze and cover everything with transparent film, to prevent it from absorbing odors, we store in the fridge for 24 hours.

After this time, remove from the refrigerator, beat a little, so that it takes on a creamy consistency and it is ready to use.

Processing time | 15 minutes + 24 hours rest
Difficulty | Short


As a suggestion to use the mascarpone cheese that we have made at home, You can serve any of the recipes found in DaP and that have this type of cheese as an ingredient.

It only remains for me to comment that with the ingredients that I have used I have gotten some 250 grams of mascarpone and that can be kept for a few days in the fridge, in a tightly closed container.

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