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How to make lomo saltado, the most authentic Peruvian recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Cut the meat – order a thick and tender steak – into strips and then cut them in half to obtain elongated tacos or sticks similar to that of French fries. Brown them in the pan or better in a wok over high heat, so that they are very juicy inside. Save the meat and juices for later.

We cut all the vegetables except the tomato into large and coarse pieces, so that they do not become poached, since we want the pieces to look very golden. We also add chillies without veins or seeds. Sauté all those ingredients in the wok until they are to our liking. Add the tomato cut into large wedges and sauté it, trying not to overdo it.

We return the meat and juices to the wok and add the soy sauce and vinegar. We continue to sauté the whole while the sauce thickens. When it starts to bubble, turn off and serve the lomo saltado ensuring that each portion has abundant pieces of meat and vegetables.

Lomo Saltado Steps

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With what to accompany the lomo saltado, the popular Peruvian recipe

In order to accompany the lomo saltado, you must always put two garnishes. On the one hand the cooked white rice and on the other hand the fried potatoes. It may seem redundant and unnecessary but the custom is to use both garnishes, thus forming a unique, filling and flavorful dish. Do not stop trying it.