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How to make homemade Greek yogurt without a yogurt maker, easy, simple and deli cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We heat all the ingredients over medium heat until they reach 85ºC, a little before the mixture boils and begins to smoke. Let it cool down to 45ºC-40ºC and pour it into a container that we must cover very well with cloths and film. We place it in the warmest place we have in the house, for example the oven or next to a radiator, for eight hours to ferment.

With either method, after these eight hours of fermentation, the yogurt will be ready. Now we must filter it to get our Greek yogurt. With a gauze or a thin cotton cloth, free of odors and softeners, we strain the yogurt.

As this step will last several hours, at least four, we will refrigerate the process. Once everything is finished sneaking in, we will have on the cloth or gauze the ready greek yogurt and in the container the buttermilk, which we can use to take as is or other recipes.

Step-by-step homemade Greek yogurt recipe

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With what to accompany the homemade Greek ogurt

The greek yogurt It is much richer if we take it the day after it is made, once we have filtered it and it has rested for a few hours in the fridge. It will take more body and taste better. Accompanied by fresh fruit, it is a great breakfast or snack, although we can also use it to lighten sauces, accompany spicy dishes or as an ingredient for desserts.